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The project aims to create a network of young people and organisations working with and for young people in order to promote the participation of young people in democratic life, strengthen the sense of European citizenship and facilitate a more structured cooperation between the participating organisations and related stakeholders.

Participants in the mobility scheme will be trained in horizontal thematic areas such as active citizenship, networking, European values and European citizenship, democratic participation, democratic resilience and social inclusion related to youth.

Thematic workshops, which will be held during the stay of the participants in each country, will lead to the development of policy documents with recommendations on the specific thematic issues discussed. The validation of the policy recommendations will be carried out by local youth boards that will form "local youth councils". The latter will be the outcome of the project at local level to ensure the sustainability of the network to be created within the project. The "local youth council" in each country will be able to be in contact with those in the other partner countries to develop joint projects and innovative initiatives. Local Youth Councils" in contact with local stakeholders and youth workers will be able to make use of these local networks to expand their activities and strengthen their potential impact. Youth partners will train youth workers at national level in 'project development and management' in order to be able to support local youth councils to cooperate within transnational initiatives in a structural way, ensuring also, whenever possible, the necessary financial resources.

The countries involved are:

  • Spain
  • Greece 
  • Portugal 
  • United Kingdom
  • Denmark
  • Romania
  • Austria


Dates: March 2020 - March 2022