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    The UP-HOLD project is a well-designed project aiming upskilling women in NEET (not in education, employment or training) aged 25+ in terms of financial competence (household economy), digital competence and entrepreneurship to enable them enter into labour market and getting out of NEET situation. 

    The project is funded by Erasmus+ program and it's implemented by: :

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    UpGrad_Me 2.0

    The UpGrad_Me 2.0 project arises as a consequence of part of the milestones and findings of the UpGrad_Me project (2018-2020), developed in Malta. This project focused on fostering the personal brand of young migrants through the use of new information and communication technologies.

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    SINet aims to explore, stimulate, debate and advance solidarity as a crucial issue within European society. It will bring together citizens from four EU countries and one non-EU country with a long history of political, social and economic crisis.

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    ECEEME: European Early Childhood Education Movement Expert (2021 - 2023)

    The aim of the project is to develop a European Training Course for different types of professionals working in early education institutions with young children with the implementation of professional skills strengthening materials to strengthen the healthy active lifestyle in young people due to its many positive benefits.

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    Fashion 4 Inclusion

    The European project “Fashion for Inclusion. Training and labor inclusion through ethical, intercultural and social fashion”, coordinated by Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo and financed by the Spanish National Agency ERASMUS+ SEPIE, begins its journey.

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    BOOST project is shaped with the goal to foster global competence for advancing social inclusion and career path of vulnerable women. Through a bespoke coaching programme,

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    "DIVE IN - "Preventing violent radicalisation among young people in Europe through innovative training approaches" is funded by AMIF (Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund). It aims to support local actors working particularly with young people by improving their knowledge and capacity to prevent and counteract radicalisation (with a specific pragmatic focus on violent radicalisation).

  • Parents Edu (2018-2019)


    The Erasmus + PaRentsEdu project aimed to actively involve parents in the educational process of their children, mainly in extra-curricular activities (home schooling, alternative schools, individual learning, sports activities, etc.), so that they would be a key factor in helping children acquire the knowledge and skills needed to face new challenges in the field of education and for their professional future.

  • YouthEd (2018-2019)


    The project aimed to promote improvements in the quality of youth work by developing the skills and competences of youth workers, as well as to share good practices in the various fields of expertise of the consortium on the issue of migrants and refugees in the school environment.

    Opportunities were provided for the mobility of youth workers, using formal and non-formal education methodologies for the empowerment of young people, better opportunities for personal and professional development and increased motivation and satisfaction in the work environment

  • ACTIVE_U (2018-2019)


    "ACTIVE_U: Social inclusion through sport" is a European Project "Eramus +" KA 2 which aimed to promote the development of skills and learning of young workers with experience in the field of social inclusion of young people through sport. The youth workers were trained in inclusive and innovative actions, so that they could learn about new innovative and inclusive actions through sport.

    Partners from Spain, Portugal and Italy participated in this project.