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The UpGrad_Me 2.0 project arises as a consequence of part of the milestones and findings of the UpGrad_Me project (2018-2020), developed in Malta. This project focused on fostering the personal brand of young migrants through the use of new information and communication technologies.

UpGrad_Me 2.0 intends to go further, converting the Intellectual Results of this project into tools that will allow them to favour labour orientation in an autonomous way through gamification. These tools are adapted to the context and realities of the target population, and meet their specific needs, focusing on the use of technologies as the best way to access this target group.

The UpGrad_Me 2.0 project is based on one of the most important problems that European countries have been facing since recent years: youth unemployment. While the general unemployment rate is 13,6% in Spain, 3,3 in Malta, 9,7% in Italy and 5,8 in Cyprus, youth unemployment rate is 30,9%, 10%, 29,6% and 15,2, respectively. At the European level, general unemployment in EU27 is 6,5%, while Youth Unemployment was recorded at 15% (February 2020, Eurostat).

In this context, UpGrad_Me 2.0 project has the following objectives:
-As a general objective, the project aims to improve the employability of migrant youth, newcomers, asylum seekers and refugees at the European Union, through the promotion of labour orientation and career counselling, by using Video Games and gamification methodologies.
-As specific objectives, the project aims to:
• SO1: improve the self-knowledge of young migrants, newcomers, asylum seekers, and refugees regarding employment: strengths and weaknesses about skills and competences.
• SO2: help migrant youth, newcomers, asylum seekers and refugees to be self-aware of their job preferences
• SO3: provide career counseling and guidance to 200 migrant youth, newcomers, asylum seekers, and refugees.
• SO4: improve youth workers capacities regarding career guidance and employability for migrant youth, newcomers, asylum seekers and refugees using gamification
• SO5: improve European citizenship among youth.
• SO6: create and strengthen youth workers’ European networks.