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The objectives of SSF with respect to Cooperation and Education for Development are the following:

  • To guide and stimulate the integral human and sustainable development of the communities and peoples of the South, through the implementation of all kinds of activities, projects and programs related to the promotion of solidarity among peoples, the defense and promotion of human rights, and cooperation for development, including, among others, the areas of Education for Development, Institutional Strengthening, Productive Development, etc., as a specialized NGO in the area.
  • To promote, develop and consolidate co-development projects with the countries and peoples of the South, in order to favour the integration of the beneficiary communities and the improvement of the institutions and civil society of these countries.
  • Establish channels to take advantage of the synergies between immigration policies and development cooperation policies between countries.
  • To improve the living conditions of children, families and communities in the most disadvantaged countries.
  • To promote humanitarian aid actions, disaster prevention, emergency aid and reconstruction.