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In the field of socio-labour and educational intervention SSF seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  • Promote social cohesion between people and different societies as a basic pillar of the construction of a more just and equitable society.
  • To favour the social integration of people belonging to the most vulnerable groups in society, through training, empowerment and access to Information and Communication Technologies, among others.
  • To favour and promote equal opportunities, integration and non-discrimination of the most disadvantaged people through access to and use of information.
  • Provide legal assistance to the most disadvantaged people, especially migrants, unemployed, women, youth, etc.
  • Promoting access to education for the most disadvantaged, people at risk of exclusion for physical, social, economic or cultural reasons, as a means of social change, justice and dialogue between cultures.
  • Promotion of constitutional values and equal opportunities
  • To develop projects that combat discrimination and xenophobic or racist behaviour, especially in the field of education; that provide this population with more tools for the future, through social and leadership mentoring programmes; and that facilitate their social and political participation.
  • To provide the best methodologies and techniques of intervention for this population, focusing on the most disadvantaged groups (unemployed, young migrants, minorities, etc.), using the good practices acquired in our European projects.