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Mission, vision and objectives

Solidaridad Sin Fronteras' mission is to contribute to the development, integration and welfare of the most vulnerable groups through social innovation projects, promoting the principle of non-discrimination, equal opportunities, capacity building and social responsibility in cooperation with other public and private organisations and institutions.

That is why our objectives are:

  • To promote the social inclusion of all people, regardless of their age, social origin, culture, gender or other individual characteristics.
  • To contribute to social welfare, especially supporting families, young people or children with greater difficulties of social integration.
  • To cooperate in the development and welfare of the most disadvantaged population in the countries of the Global South.
  • To promote the social and political participation of all people for their inclusion.
  • To develop and support training and research actions, as well as public advocacy activities on social, political and cultural issues.
  • Defend the right to education and freedom of teaching.
  • Promote respect for pluralism, tolerance, justice and responsibility in all areas.


In accordance with SSF Strategy 2017-2021, the aim is to position the organisation as a key entity in the Community of Madrid in working with the most needy populations and with the search for the best work approaches and methodologies to contribute to improving their quality of life and social options, especially in the areas of employment and social action.

At the international level, SSF seeks to become a European reference organisation in the development of innovative methodologies for social intervention in the areas of employment, social inclusion and social action, and an organisation that cooperates in the development of the countries of the Global South, especially in Latin America.