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Local and Regional Volunteering

In Solidarity without Borders we are fully committed to volunteering, as we consider it to be a very important element in strengthening democratic citizenship, people's participation and social awareness. For this reason SSF recognizes, promotes and encourages voluntary action in a coordinated and orderly manner, fostering the values of solidarity, mutual respect and teamwork. SSF has a volunteering plan that complies with Law 6/1996, January 15, on volunteering and Law 45/2015, October 14, on volunteering.

SSF is a space open to participation, especially in the framework of European projects and social action, but also in actions that we develop punctually or in parts of the management of the organization. We have a Volunteer Plan for our local and European projects, and opportunities for participation are periodically published.

In this sense, Solidaridad sin fronteras has been granted European Union Accreditation as a sending, hosting and coordinating organization for the European Voluntary Service (EVS) within the framework of the Erasmus + program, with reference number 2016-1-ES02-KA110-007961. European Voluntary Service is a non-formal educational activity which enables young people aged between 17 and 30 to express their personal commitment through unpaid, full-time voluntary service for a maximum of 12 months in another country of the European Union or outside it. Through the learning experiences, they improve or acquire skills for their personal, educational and professional development as well as for their social integration. Any young person and/or youth worker participating in an SSF youth mobility project is entitled to obtain a YOUTHPASS certificate.

Our volunteers are involved in the following areas of the organisation:

  • Project Area: support in the elaboration of social projects and programs. Search for calls for proposals. Search for opportunities to participate in European projects. Attracting resources and/or grants. Support in the management of project presentation. Translation of documentation from Spanish to English and English to Spanish.
  • Legal Area: Support in the teaching of workshops on the Law on Foreigners. First interview to order documentation. Request for an appointment at the Government Delegation.
  • Labour Area: support in the teaching of workshops on the preparation of curriculum vitae. Support in the workshops on job search.


If you want to participate as a volunteer in Solidarity without Borders, you only have to write to, and we will contact you.