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If you are a company


Reputation, trust and transparency, social commitment, professionalism and impact. SSF's values are yours.  If your company, regardless of its size or field of action, shares this responsible and supportive attitude, let's generate new alliances of mutual support, in which the collaborative contribution of each party is translated into beneficios for all, in social advancement.


  • Financing/supporting our projects
  • Assignment of property and space
  • Corporate volunteering - teaming
  • Sponsorship of activities
  • Collaboration agreements for the development of activities and/or customised CSR projects

Benefits for your company:

  • Win-win strategy and adding together to bring value to society
  • Identify your company with our solidarity values.
  • Visibility and notoriety, better social reputation of your company and its social commitment.
  • Benefits in image and visibility of your company at national and international level
  • Tax benefits, tax deductions
  • Sensitizing your workers

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