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About Us

SOLIDARIDAD SIN FRONTERAS (SSF) is an NGO constituted in 2009, founded by multidisciplinary professionals of different nationalities, registered in the Register of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior, the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID) and other public administrations at local, national and international levels.

In these 10 years of trajectory SSF has positioned itself as NGOD of reference in the area of integration, immigration, interculturality, youth and the education for the development, so much in the local and national sphere as in the international sphere, at European level, in the area of the Mediterranean and in Latin America.

In the regional sphere, it is worth highlighting its action in social action projects, covering direct interventions and providing an integral service to the immigrant population, young people, minors, the elderly and groups at risk of exclusion.

Likewise, at national and international level, SSF works in network with other public and private entities in interdisciplinary actions, aimed at promoting social change through political advocacy, awareness, training and applied research.

Our work at a national and international level allows us to offer extensive experience in the design of innovative methodologies and tools in a wide range of fields, such as education, health, care for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, youth, women, among other vulnerable groups, which can be very useful for the public sector, the private sector and the third sector.

Our Work

Solidaridad Sin Fronteras is made up of a group of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in the fields of social action, defence of vulnerable populations, legal advice and international cooperation. Our profile is multidisciplinary, and we are fully committed to our work and motivated to help the populations that need it most.

From their different specialties, the international experts who make up SSF bring with their interdisciplinary work an open and broad vision, which impacts and enriches each of the actions developed. 

Solidaridad Sin Fronteras' working structure is aimed at facilitating processes and optimising the functioning of the organisation. We are an interdisciplinary and multitasking team, made up of technicians, area coordinators, volunteers, national and international specialists and management staff. SSF's organizational chart consists of the following areas:



In addition, SSF has a Board of Directors, a General Assembly of members, a permanent work team and a specialized group of collaborators.